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Self-Advocacy Communication Board

Self-Advocacy Communication Board

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Visual supports can be extremely beneficial for kids, especially to assist with communication and self-advocacy. Visual supports, such as this communication board provide visual cues to support children as they express their thoughts. feelings and needs.

This board is laminated for durability and comes with 20 velcro picture icons and 4 large feelings icons. Icons are centered around basic needs (food, drink, bathroom), coping skills/regulation (break, squeeze, too loud, hot, cold), common locations (home, car) and more!

Best suited for:
- Additional communication support for self-advocacy in daily routines
- Supplement to Preschool/Kindergarten curriculum
- Additional resource for homeschool curriculum
- Pre-k/K Classrooms
- SPED and Resource rooms

Skills targeted:
- Self-advocacy
- Picture assisted communication

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